Allergy symptoms

Everyone around is saying that every second person has an allergy for example on https://pillintrip.com/medicine/poron😱

When there are complaints about:
👉🏽 difficult nasal breathing,
👉🏽 frequent sneezing,
👉🏽 transparent mucous discharge from the nose;
The surrounding people pass the verdict: “allergic to SOMETHING” 🧐

Well, let’s analyze the duration of manifestations from the side of the nose👃🏽, eyes👁, this will be the difference from ARVI👇🏽
Difficulty nasal breathing, nasal discharge (not yellow or green)
🧚🏽 redness, itching and puffiness of the eyes
manifestations can be year-round.
❗️Body temperature is normal in most cases;

The main allergens in this case are:
🦗 house dust mites
🍄 fungal allergens (taking into account household conditions)
Animal allergens

If the manifestations are already not the first year and at a certain time of the year🎄, it is worth thinking: “is it not for pollen?!” 🤭
How can you confirm or deny allergies?

This will help 🚑:
🚨 skin tests
🚨determination of specific IgE in the blood.

❗️❗️Examination and appropriate treatment – Only after consultation with an allergist😎