Medical malpractice is negligence that arises when a doctor or other licensed medical professional fails to live up to the standards of their profession and injury results. This may be a doctor, nurse, psychologist and/or any other licensed individual.

The Michigan Legislature has enacted many laws to protect medical professionals and prevent them from being held accountable for their negligence. For example, in most other negligence cases, a person has three years to file a lawsuit. In medical malpractice cases, victims only have two years. In most other negligence cases a person can file a lawsuit as soon as the relevant facts are known. In medical malpractice cases, there is a mandatory six-month waiting period. In most negligence cases, a jury can use common sense in deciding if there is negligence. In medical malpractice cases, the claim gets thrown out of court unless the victim can find a licensed "expert", in the same specialty who "agrees" there is malpractice. (Note: We provide such experts.)

Sometimes an attorney can quickly tell you whether you have a meritorious claim. In other instances, it will be necessary to do research and/or have the case evaluated by an outside medical professional before deciding if the case has merit. If you wish to have your case evaluated, please call the law firm of Sarvis & Herrmann, P.C. We have the resources and outside medical experts to have your case quickly and properly evaluated.

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The information found in this web site is for limited general information, ONLY. Specific cases should be evaluated through direct consultation with an attorney. Due to complexities of the law, do not attempt to evaluate your case on your own.


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