The drug Oralcon is available in the form of white round shell-shaped tablets with convex sides. On the fracture you can see that the cores of the tablets are also white (faint shades are allowed) The tablets are packaged in a polymeric contour blister of 21 pieces each. Cardboard pack of white and yellow color can contain 1 or 3 blisters, which equals 21 or 63 pills. Each packet contains instructions for use. The experts of this site https://pillintrip.com/medicine/oralcon claim that It should be carefully studied before you buy and use Oralcon, and strictly follow the instructions printed there. Please note that this description is not an official abstract and can only be used for guidance. In our pharmacy you can purchase Oralcon at a good price. Using the services of our website the buyer can check the availability of the drug at the warehouse in advance and reserve the necessary amount of drugs. It is possible to take away the order in our showroom, and for the privileged customers there is a delivery service at home. Pharmacists in our pharmacy will give advice and tell you what reviews Oralcon has earned from patients who have used it. Oralcon is a combination drug that contains two active substances – ethinyl estradiol, with a mass fraction of 30 micrograms in one tablet, and levonorgestrel, with 150 micrograms in one tablet. The composition of the medicine also includes the following excipients: – Granulated milk sugar; – Potassium Polacrine; – Salts of magnesium and stearic acid. The composition of the protective coating includes: – Ethyl ether of cellulose; – Gummiarabic; – Talc; – Trilon B; – Saccharose; – Cellulose microcrystals; – Titanium whiting; – Polyethylene glycol.

Pharmacological action
Oralcon is a low-dose contraceptive medicine for oral use. This drug is monophasic – which means that the concentration of active substances remains unchanged during the entire course of administration. The estrogen-gestagen oral contraceptive Oralcon has a complex effect. It blocks exit of an ovule into a fallopian tube from ovaries, and also makes products of cervical secretion more dense and viscous, thanks to what the penetration of spermatozoa into a uterus is prevented. An additional effect of using Oralcon is the alignment of the menstrual cycle, and relief of unpleasant symptoms – pain, bleeding. There is evidence that regular use of this contraceptive reduces the likelihood of cancer of the female reproductive system. Compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations provides reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Since the composition of the drug includes two active substances, the pharmacokinetics of each of them should be considered separately. Ethinylestradiol is almost completely absorbed in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The absorption process is fast – the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood after a single dose is reached, on average, within 1-2 hours. Before reaching the systemic bloodstream, the drug undergoes active metabolism processes in the liver, therefore its bioavailability averaged about 45% (this figure varies depending on the individual characteristics of the patient). In blood plasma, the substance actively binds to albumin, and enhances the production of globulin binding sex hormones. The drug is metabolized in the small intestine and in the liver. Metabolites are excreted with urine and feces. The average elimination half-life is 24 hours from the time of ingestion. Levonorgestrel is almost completely absorbed in the intestine, the maximum concentration is reached 1 hour after taking the drug. In contrast to ethinylestradiol, levonorgestrel has a bioavailability approaching 100%. In the body, the drug enters into active bonds with albumin and hGH, stimulating the production of the latter. The substance is highly metabolized. The resulting metabolites are excreted from the body with feces and urine, in equal proportions. The average elimination half-life of the drug is 20 to 24 hours.

The drug Oralcon is used for contraception, as well as for the correction of the menstrual cycle, disorders caused by hormonal imbalances.

The drug is strictly not recommended to use if the patient has such diseases: – Thrombosis (including history); – Microstrokes; – Stenocardia; – Migraine with focal neurological deficit; – Diabetes mellitus, which has given complications to the vessels; – Inflammation of the pancreas; – Liver function disorders; – Lactose intolerance; – Malignant tumors of the liver, reproductive organs, mammary glands; – Pregnancy; – Breast-feeding period; – Hypersensitivity to the ingredients that make up the drug. Before starting to take the drug Oralcon or its analogues, you should consult your doctor. The appearance of any of the diseases listed in the list of contraindications during treatment is reason for immediate cessation of the drug.

Dosage and administration
Reception of the drug begins the first day of the menstrual cycle, and lasts 21 days. Before the start of the next course it is necessary to take a one-week break. The tablets are swallowed without chewing, with water. For maximum effect, it is recommended to take the drug at the same time. The daily dose is 12 hours. If you miss the time of intake, you need to drink the tablet as soon as possible, it is allowed to double the dose the next day. Any skipping increases the risk of getting pregnant.

Side effects
Possible side effects of the drug are reported: – Headaches; – Nausea; – Vomiting; – Swelling and painful sensations in the mammary glands; – Decreased libido; – Deterioration of mood; – Vocal changes; – Bloody vaginal discharge; – Swollen eyelids; – Inflammation of mucous membranes of the eye; – Blurred vision; – Hyperpigmentation of the skin; – Decreased hearing; – Gospel disease; – Epileptic seizures; – Increased concentration of triglycerides in the blood; – Asthenia; – Thrombosis; – Increased blood pressure; – Allergic reactions. In case of adverse reactions, it is recommended to stop taking the drug and contact the attending physician as soon as possible.

Drug interaction
It is reported that the contraceptive effect may be reduced if used concomitantly with drugs prescribed for the treatment of epilepsy, tuberculosis, drugs containing St. John’s wort extract. Antimicrobials which may change the balance of microflora in the intestine may also decrease the effectiveness of Oralcon. During the course of treatment it may be necessary to adjust the doses of antidiabetic drugs, and drugs that reduce prothrombin production and prevent blood clotting.

It is assumed that prolonged use of the drug Oralcon can provoke the formation of blood clots in the body, with subsequent clogging of veins and arteries, including – pulmonary. The risk of blood clots increases in middle-aged and elderly women who smoke, suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, migraines, some heart and vascular diseases. A risk factor is also the presence of close relatives who have suffered from any type of thrombosis. If the patient has a history of at least one of these factors, the drug Oralcon should be used with caution. To assess the likely harm to health, and to correlate it with the benefits in this case can only be a specialist with medical education and relevant experience. There is an assumption that long-term use of Oralcon and its analogues from the group of oral contraceptive drugs increases the likelihood of cervical cancer, but this hypothesis is not conclusively proven. There is a suggestion that women who use such drugs and are under closer medical supervision, such diseases are diagnosed at an earlier stage, which affects the statistics. There are also reports of an increased risk of benign and malignant liver tumors. Impairment of liver functions may be a reason for stopping or cancelling Oralcon and starting an appropriate maintenance therapy. The appearance of bloody discharge during the first administration of this medicine is considered acceptable. If bleeding did not stop after three or more cycles of taking the contraceptive, you should consult a gynecologist and have your body examined. The drug has almost no effect on the ability to drive, but caution is recommended in the development of blurred vision and increased fatigue. In our pharmacy in Moscow, the drug Oralcon is sold only with a prescription.

Shelf life and conditions
The shelf life of the drug is 36 months from the date of manufacture, indicated on the cardboard packaging. The medicine should be stored in the original packaging, in a dark place protected from moisture. Make sure that children do not have access to the place of storage of the drug.