Overview of Integrated Approaches to Implementing Workplace Health Promotion Programs

The modern employer is interested in keeping his employees healthy, as a lot of research confirms the connection between health and performance. Therefore, the topic of corporate health and poy sian is relevant at the moment.

One of the key approaches for the implementation of corporate programs in Russia is the use of programs described in a collection of model programs developed by specialists from the Russian Ministry of Health and the National Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine.

Health programs are aimed at workers in a wide range of sectors of the Russian economy and are designed to improve the health of employees using an integrated approach to solving this problem (medical measures, creating conditions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, labor protection and employee motivation).

You can find useful materials related to corporate health by following links: corporate public health programs and the library of corporate programs.

Another approach, using the international practices of the National Wellness Institute and the Wellness Council of America, described by the Academy. A.P. Dobrolyubova includes 7 main steps in building a comprehensive health promotion program:

1. building support for leaders,

2. formation of a team for the implementation of the project,

3. creation of a database to assess the effectiveness of the program,

4. development of a program standard with an implementation plan,

5. holding events,

6. the formation of the environment,

7. evaluation of the effectiveness and improvement of the program.

The third approach used in Russia is the methodology described by S. Nagernyak in 2020, which includes setting goals, conducting a comprehensive audit of the social system, forming a roadmap, setting key indicators, implementing a program using model programs, summing up and adjusting the program. This approach has proven itself in some state corporations, such as Vnesheconombank, etc.

The health of workers is one of the priorities of a socially oriented employer, therefore the availability and implementation of health promotion programs in the workplace will be a significant competitive advantage of the organization.